What is this
'Rusky Business'?

The story of the humble rusk.


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What Is A Rusk


A traditional South African 'first' breakfast.


Thank you for coming to the rusky party! You are here with one of two questions, either you know all about rusks, because you are a displaced South African, far from home, OR you are an adventurous American, ready to try something new. 

Either way, WELCOME! 

I am going to focus on the second group first, to make sure I answer the main question.


Quick answer, Rusks are the South African version of twice baked bread/cake, since variations of which can be found world wide. As soon as the Dutch landed in the Cape of Good Hope in 1899, rusks have been been a part of our history. It is traditionally a first breakfast for farmers, with that first mug of strong coffee before the morning’s work begins, or simply a delicious break in the day with a mug of Rooibos tea.


I am so happy you're here! My buttermilk rusks is just like my ouma makes, not too sweet, and with the perfect crunch.

I am working on the perfect muesli rusk, and at some point will tackle old time Anise. I hope this brings a little HOME to your USA home.


Our Story

My story is very similar to  Ouma Greyvensteyn (the original creator of the  Ouma Rusk).

A close friend asked me to bake him some rusks, as an 'pick me up", and it blew up from there. I offered what was left from his 'order' to local South Africans on Facebook, and the remaining 6 dozen sold out in 15 minutes! I realized that I may have something special on my hands, and thus Rusky Business was born!


Dip-Drip-Dunk and Devour

When you get your rusks, we suggest you make a mug of your favorite hot beverage, open the package, and make sure you have a spoon nearby! Rusky newbies may need some practice, but don't be discouraged! Dip your rusk for a few seconds, take it out, let it drip, dunk it again for a few seconds, let it cool down a second and ENJOY!